Tooth Abscess

What is the meaning of Tooth Abscess?

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Tooth abscess is the formation of pus filled with bacteria after the swelling in the space between the gum and the tooth. Tooth abscess is also known as the periapical abscess. The other type of abscess is known as the periodontal abscess, which mostly affects the space between the gum and the tooth. We are going to examine the causes, symptoms and the treatment for the tooth abscess.


Causes of abscess

The tooth abscess is caused by the infection. The infection allows the bacteria to infest into the cavity of the tooth, which can later spread into the bones supporting the tooth. The infection causes the white blood cells to be active as a defensive mechanism therefore forming the swelling, which is filled with the dead cells. The dead cells are as a result of the erosion of the dental cavity. The tooth abscess mostly occurs at the root of the teeth

The most common cause of the tooth abscess is due to the death of the nerve tissues. It directly affects the pulp of the teeth. The formation of the abscess takes averagely two days to build up. Extreme tooth decay also leads to the formation of abscess. This is always as a result of excess dead cells in the tooth. Injured teeth also may cause abscess. The broken or chipped teeth cause the trauma to the cells. Gingivitis also may cause the abscess in the tooth. More over the damaged nerves resulting from the root canal treatment may also cause abscess.


Symptoms of abscess

The presence of the abscess is always painful and most people always seek for treatment when the pain persists. In other rare occasions the abscess may not be painful. When not well taken care of, the abscess can last in the tooth from months to years. Lack of its treatment forces the infection to cause a hollow opening through the bone and the skin. The opening allows the drainage of the purse. When the pus drains, the pain completely disappears. However without the pain there will be unusual test in the mouth resulting to foul smell due to the pus.

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Apart from the common pain associated with the infection and fouls smell the teeth may react as a result of high and low temperatures. Consuming foods that are hot or cold may irritate the teeth. When we chew food we insert pressure to our teeth therefore the teeth may react. The faces of the patient may appear red and the neck areas may swell. Opening of the mouth can be a daunting task due to swelling of the jawbone. The patients may fall short of air while taking foods or drinks. These are always the common symptoms of the Abscess and also we should take caution when cyst develops around the teeth area even though it could be less infectious.


Treatment of the tooth abscess

When the abscess is not taken care of, formation of cyst may develop in the jawbone. The cyst is a fluid filled sac as a result of infection to the body cells. The treatment may become more complicated when the cyst forms and a dental surgery may be performed to completely remove it. Lack of treatment of the abscess may lead to several complications as the infection spreads to other parts the body. When the symptoms persists a visit to the dental care is advised.

The first treatment of the tooth abscess is to drain the pus. Drainage takes place by a root canal type of treatment or the oral surgery. Tooth drilling is performed on the dead teeth therefore creating a hollow opening that allows the pus to drain. Utmost care is always taken during the procedure so that any dead nerve cells may be removed out. The removal of the dead cells decreases the chances of subsequent infections. A root filling is then finally performed.

Prescription of the antibiotics may be administered. The antibiotics help to clear the infection. The most commonly prescribed antibiotic is the amoxicillin. In addition painkillers may also be prescribed. The painkillers may be taken together with the antibiotics. The painkillers only reduce the amount of pain. The commonly prescribed painkiller is paracetamol and aspirin. The prescription of the antibiotics depends on the several factors among them the health status, age, gender of the patient.

Tooth abscess is a common condition. Using antibiotics and painkillers are just some of the temporary treatment of the infection. Sometimes pain is always absent but upon realization of other symptoms, the patient should visit the dental clinic. Failing to treat the tooth abscess at the beginning may lead to later severe complications. This is due to the fact that the infection spreads to the other parts of the body and cause complications. Therefore, any presence of tooth abscess shouldn’t be ignored.


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