White Spots in Stool

Changes in stool color may be noticed by people who are more observant. The normal stool color should be brown after normal digestion of whatever the individual has consumed. In some cases, though, white spots may be seen in stool and this is not normal. This is a cause of alarm because it could be a condition that needs to be investigated by a medical practitioner. The following conditions could be the contributing factors to the white spots in stool.

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White spots in Stool – Causes

Inadequate production of bile

Inadequate production and release of bile juice by the gallbladder is one of the reasons to seeing white spots in stool. Cirrhosis and hepatitis are some of the diseases that impair the normal functioning of the liver in turn affecting bile release by the gallbladder. Brown, the normal stool color is observed due to bile juice that has digested fats present in the diet.

Excess mucus

Excess amounts of mucus, which are produced in the intestines inner lining, may also cause white spots in stool. Colitis and Crohn’s disease are some of the conditions known for excess production of mucus. This mucus appear whitish in stool passed.

Excess calcium

Heavy weight lifting is an activity that is done by people as a daily routine, exercise or just for fun. There are two sides of a coin and this activity is not an exception. It makes the weight lifters body to have excess calcium. Taking vinegar helps to reduce the calcium build up thus leading to absence of white spots in stool.

Lactose intolerance

Cheese, butter and milk are some of the dairy products that people do not miss in their homes. Others must consume the products on a daily basis especially milk because it is so affordable and readily available. However, some people are allergic to lactose. The undigested lactose will be in turn released out undigested with stool making it to have white spots on it.


At some point in life, as human, we have to use drugs recommended by doctors for different kinds of ailments. Each drug has several components, which are helpful to cure the diseases in question. Aluminum hydroxide is one of the components, which is contained in antacids and can be a reason for stool color change. White spots on stool could be as a result of the capsules of certain antibiotics taken as medication.

Contaminated water

Water is useful to our bodies and some even say it is life. It is advisable to take eight glasses or more in a day and the water should be treated. Untreated water contains parasites, which cause intestinal infections. Drinking unsafe water and eating unclean food may lead to one experiencing digestion problems and possibly have worms. When these worms are released from the body, they appear in stool as white spots.

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Fungal infection

There are different curative methods available from treatment of certain diseases in accordance to the doctor’s recommendations. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions are among them depending on the disease stage. The stage determines the number of the therapy sessions that one is supposed to undergo. This and other conditions like AIDS however weaken a person’s immune system thus making the body vulnerable to several infections. These situations may lead to clumps of fungi appearing on their stool as white spots. Digestion and inflammation of the intestines are some of the problem that comes along with a weak immune system. They in turn lead to dead Candida cells, which cause white spots in stool.

Allergy to gluten

Every human is uniquely created, not every meal that we take is friendly to our bodies. We are sensitive to some foods, others have to avoid because of the doctor’s advice and others due to dislike. Sensitivity to gluten is one of the conditions that cause inflammation of the intestines. This interferes with nutrient and fat absorption from the intestines. It leads to impossibility of fat to be digested then passed out as it is causing stool to have white spots in it.

Treatment for white spots in poop

Before any treatment is considered, it is advisable for the patient to seek medical test. The test will bring the exact problem that will later be treated. Lack of bile could be due to kidney problems therefore treatment will focus on the treatment of the kidney. Surgical operations may be considered in extreme cases.

If the reason for white specks in stool is due to medication, the doctor may advise substitution or complete elimination for the intake of the drug. In cases of excess calcium in the body, taking a solution of vinegar may assist.

Change of stool color should not be taken lightly and it is important to seek treatment. Regular routine stool testing is advisable as it is helpful in identifying suspected problems. In some instances, imaging techniques may be done to reveal the stool content. This is done to draw an effective conclusion on what are the possible causes and what drugs to be prescribed for the patient.


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