Red spots on skin – Not Itchy

Red spots on skin, not itchy, are a common occurrence in people around the world. Though not itchy, they still lead to some level of discomfort. If there is even slightest discomfort, then the condition should be addressed seriously with medical assistance. It is important to consult a doctor or preferably dermatologist to ensure that the skin issue is not caused due to any serious underlying medical condition. These non itchy red spots are a frequent condition and can affect anyone of any age. It is equally common in both male as well as female. Here are some possible causes for Red spots on skin not itchy.

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Possible causes

Reds spots during old age are extremely common. These spots however are not considered as a concern when the affected person is above 65 years of age. As you grow older your body consistently turns weaker in almost all aspects. This also has significant obvious effect on the skin. The skin also turns weaker and red spots are produced without any particular reason. These spots may cause concern but doctors usually advice no medical treatment as this is a natural occurrence when a person grows old. However, in rare cases wherein there is any kind of discomfort associated with these red spots, doctors may suggest some treatments. If the affected individual insists on treating the condition then cosmetic treatments can be suggested to the patient.

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Cherry Angiomas

Cherry Angiomas is another common reason for red spot on skin not itchy. These spots are sometimes referred to as Senile Angiomas or also as Campbell De Morgan spots. These are amongst the common vascular lesions that occur on human skin.  Such spots are characterized through their cherry-red appearance. They are benign tumors on skin occurring in isolation or in groups. Such spots are in fact group of dilated capillaries that appear on skin’s surface. There is no discovered cause of the condition. Such dermatologic irregularities are commonly found in people above the age of 40 years. These spots can appear almost anywhere on the body; but are commonly noticed on torso. According to researches it is determined that over 70% of people above the age of 70 years develop Cherry Angiomas. Usually, doctors advice to leave the condition untouched as they do not cause any harm, no even an itch.

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 red spots on skin not itchy pictures red spots on skin not itchy


There are several types of cancers wherein red spots on skin are noticed. These spots are often not itchy but may be tender to touch. Skin cancer for instance can also lead to occurrence of red spots. In such as case these spots are indication of a serious underlying malady which must be addressed immediately. This is why it is suggested to consult a doctor if you notice any red spots on your skin, even of mild nature.

There are some other less serious causes such as Acne. Acnes are commonly known as pimples. Acne can be very disconcerting, especially for those who are particular about their appearance. Pimples are commonly recorded in teenagers however they can appear at any age. Another possible reason for red spots on skin not itchy is due to folliculitis. This condition is infection of hair follicles


Diagnoses of red spot on skin not itchy

Doctors start with visual analysis of the red spots at clinic itself which is the primary way of diagnosing the condition. He may also ask you for your medical history. He may also probe you on time of affliction, nature and other symptoms associated with the spots and whether you experienced such spots earlier. To certainly determine the condition he may suggest you skins tests which may include, biopsy, blood tests etc. Conventional bumps are usually diagnosed in the clinic itself by skilled doctors.  Infections and other insidious conditions may need further diagnosis.

Usually benign kind of red spots do not need any treatment and may ebb away with time. Some red spots such as Cherry Angiomas are natural occurrences which also don’t need any medical intervention. Treatment are only suggested if the condition is harmful or a concern for cosmetically conscious individuals. In serious cases the treatment for red spots would depend on the cause of the condition as well as associated symptoms.

Prevention of Red spots on skin not itchy

There is not much one can do to prevent conventional Cherry Angiomas kind of red spots. Other kind of spots associated with skin maladies or underlying medical conditions can be prevented by following basic healthy life style. Healthy living practices include having healthy balanced diet and regular exercises. You also need to maintain hygiene of your body, especially skin. Avoid using too much, harsh cosmetics on your skin. Ensure that you are not exposed to extreme sunlight often and wear clothes that suit your skin. Avoid wearing tight attires and allow skin to breathe. Allergic reaction may also cause skin anomalies, hence, avoid allergens optimally. These ways can reduce your chances of suffering from red spots on skin not itchy.

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