Bacne Scars

Acne is evidently one of the most common dermatologic issues recorded in the medical industry. Most people suffer from acne at some point of time in their life. The condition affects people of all age but it is highly seen in adolescent and people below 30 years of age. Acne are small boils which are commonly referred to as pimples which are often found on body regions such as face, chest, neck as well as back. Boils appearing on face are commonly paid attention but not many people talk about back acne. It is also crucial to remember that once the occurring acne ebbs away they usually leave behind permanent scars. These scars are a cause of concern for all who suffer from acne issue.

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Bacne- what is it?

Skin on the back has high amount of sebaceous gland which block the hair follicle with dry skin cells as well as secreted oils. This may result in various occurrences such as white-heads, black-heads, lesions and cysts, etc. These dermatologic manifestations may occur quite frequently. Increased hormonal functioning, trapped bacteria, genetic factors and also cosmetics or drugs may trigger these conditions. Occurrence of such skin irregularities usually in form of acne is called Bacne or in simple terms acne that appears on the back are bacne.

Causes of bacne scars

Biologically, formation process of bacne is the same as facial acne where hair follicles becomes clogged and inflamed due to excessive natural oil known as sebum. In considerable amount of cases acne may develop in clusters which are called as acne breakout. Most of the time, usually in severe cases, resulted acne may cause scars. This mostly happens due to irritation caused by friction, rubbing or picking the boils. In some cases these acne may aggravate to serious condition and scarring can develop irrespective of added irritation.  Sometimes high level of collagen-damaging inflammation of the skin may also cause scars even if not picked.

Types of back acne scars

Scars caused due to bacne are actually results of inflammatory reaction of the body against lesions. There are basically two kinds of back acne scars. The first one is caused due to loss of tissues, for example ice-pick scars. The second type is scars that are caused due to formation of tissues such as keloid. Treating these skin issues at the earliest is best and beneficial; however, there are several cosmetic options that will help you get rid of bacne scars. Some of such treatments include.

  • Dermabrasion

This is a cosmetic treatment wherein high-speed wire brush is used or sometime diamond fraises are utilized as tool to remove dead skin cells. This procedure is an ablative surgery that eradicates dermis and epidermis in controlled manner. This procedure is considered as one of the best and effective acne scar treatment in the market.

  • Laser skin resurfacing

This is another procedure of superficial nature that eradicates damaged and dead skin cells through a controlled penetration. This allows new skin to grow and one gets clearer and smoother skin.

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These are few of the many professional treatments available in medical industry. To understand which treatment is best for you one should consult a dermatologist and work through available, suitable options.

Home remedies

Chemical peels

Acne chemical peel is a procedure which removes the top most layer of the skin and leaves behind the lower layer which is usually scar free. Deep peels and superficial peels are often suggested if eradication of damaged skin cells from the top layer is required. This also improves the texture as well as tone of the skin.

Punch technique

This treatment involves physical eradication of tissues that contains the scar and remaining tissues are replaced. Sometimes pitted scar is relaxed and tissues of the scar are allowed to elevate naturally on surrounding skin surface.

Collagen injections

Collagen fillers when injected beneath the scar tissues cause the scar to elevate to skin surface and give an even look. It’s a temporary procedure and the scar may also resurface anytime in long run.

Fat transfer

In this procedure fat is obtained for other body region and is injected underneath the scar. This makes deep scars to elevate to skin surface level. Fat transfer treatment is often effective when several operations are done.

Body Microdermabrasion

In this treatment the expert uses aluminum oxide crystal, rather that wire brush, in order to eliminate superficial skin and reveal clear skin beneath. However, this procedure is not as effective as dermabrasion.

Tea tree oil

Use a backscratcher which should attacked with washcloth at the end of the back. Soak the washcloth in water and then drip around 6 drops of tea tree oil on the dampened cloth then apply the oil to the back. Do not applying pressure or rub harder; use moderate to gentle pressure and move the washcloth in circulation movement.

Bacne Scars Pictures

 bacne scars pictures bacne scars

This is the before-after picture for bacne scar.

bacne scars before after pictures

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