Lumbar Lordosis

In the second picture, you can see the exaggeration of the lower end of the spine causing the pain in lumbar lordosis

Lordosis or Lumbar lordosis is also referred to as swayback. This is a medical anomaly wherein the back of the affected individuals suffers from excessive curvature. There is a natural; curvature in the spine at three different levels. These curves are at lower back level, neck and lumbar region and help the body to absorb shock and manage the weight of the head. Lumbar lordosis occurs when the curve at the lower back also technically called lumbar region curves anomalously more than normal. The condition can cause extreme pressure on the spine causing excruciating pain. People affected with lumbar lordosis often have prominent arch at the lower back which is quite visible when viewed from the side. These people often appear to be sticking out their buttocks and abdomen.

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A way to self- diagnose the condition is by lying on your back on the ground or other hard surface and sliding your hands under the lower back. If your hand slides easily in the gap with presence of additional space then there are high chances that you are suffering from lordosis.

Causes of lordosis

Lordosis appears often in the childhood and it usually does not have any identifiable cause. This is usually referred to as benign juvenile lordosis. The condition can actually affect anyone at any age. Some of the possible causes of the condition include:

  • Poor inappropriate posture
  • Overweight or obesity
  • Weakening of bones associated with ageing also technically known as osteoporosis
  • Anomalies associated with disks between spinal vertebrae called discitis
  • Kyphosis- a condition characterized with prominently outward curve of mid-back
  • Spondylolisthesis a condition wherein one vertebra shifts either backward or forward according to the aligning vertebra
  • Achondroplasia which is a type of dwarfism

Treatment may not be needed if the curvature is flexible and allows you to bend forward. If the lordotic curve persists when you bent and leave no room for flexibilities than you must seek treatment. There are chances that one may suffer from pain, muscles cramp, numbness, tingling sensation, bladder difficulties, bowel issues, etc. If these complications are present then ask your doctor about suitable treatment. It is evitable that our body is greatly depended on the spine including its flexibility and mobility. Thus, it is crucial to seek medical aid to avoid complications like arthritis, intense and chronic back pain, etc.


Diagnosis lumbar lordosis is usually not easy. However, visible sign of the condition is an anomalously prominent arch at the back. The affected individual appears as if he is puffing out is belly and buttocks. Accurate diagnosis of the condition is done by evaluating the patient physically and checking medical history of the affected individual. If needed, further tests will be recommended by the doctor. Doctor may recommend X-ray to check for the severity of the lumbar curvature. In order to determine the possibilities of fracture and bone associated infections the doctor may also recommend bone density test. Spinal cord irregularities and nerve issues can be ruled out using MRI or Magnetic resonance imaging technique. Doctor may also suggest a Computed Tomography scan (also called CT scan) to get detailed image of organs, muscles and bones associated with the lumbar region.

Risk of untreated Lumbar lordosis

In most cases if the condition is left untreated it does not cause too much discomfort or issues. However, it is crucial to have a healthy spine as human body is greatly depended on it for flexibility and mobility. Untreated lordosis may pave way for other spine related issues, leg issues, hip gridle, etc. Thus it is better to consult a doctor and seek treatment for lumbar lordosis.

Lumbar Lordosis  – Fix (Exercises)

Treatment for lumbar lordosis is best adopted with help of a certified doctor. Depending on the diagnosis and severity of the condition the doctor will suggest you suitable treatment. Along with treatments there are other methods that you need to follow in order to deal with the condition effectively.

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It is determined that accumulation of belly fats is one of the factors that may contribute to cause lumbar lordosis. Hence, if you suffer from obesity, overweight or larger belly, then start with having a healthy regulated diet. Reduce the amount of junk foods you eat. Cut down on soda and ensure that your diet contains less carbohydrate. One should eat whole food items such as beef, tuna fish, chicken and vegetables.  Also include exercises to enhance your metabolism rate which helps in losing fats and gaining healthy muscles.

Stretching your hip flexors is another way to deal with lumbar lordosis. Exercises such as warrior lunges performed for 15 seconds each set is helpful. It is studied that slouching shoulder is also recorded in some cases of lumbar lordosis. In this case you also need to stretch your upper body using resistant- band exercises.   You should avoid being seated for too long time. If your job does not permit this then try to get up as frequently as possible.

In case of children and teenagers, doctor may suggest lumbar lordosis to alleviate the condition. If the condition is accompanied with pain then doctor may suggest medicines to provide relief. Sometimes alternative techniques such as yoga may help in reducing issues associated with the condition. Ask your doctor about suitable exercises that you need to do if affected with lordosis. In severe cases when there is nothing that could treat the condition doctor may recommend surgery.

Lumbar Lordosis – Pictures

In the second picture, you can see the exaggeration of the lower end of the spine causing the pain in lumbar lordosis
In the second picture, you can see the exaggeration of the lower end of the spine causing the pain in lumbar lordosis

Lumbar lordosis exercises in pictures

Warrior lunge exercise

Warrior lunge exercise

lumbar lordosis fix lumbar lordosis exercises lumbar lordosis exercise

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