Fordyce Spots on Lips

Fordyce spot on lips is a condition that may manifest on any part of the body. These particles are commonly recorded on the reproductive organs of male and female. In men, these spots can also be seen on penile-shaft, scrotum, etc.  Similar  spots on vulva and labia are also commonly found in women. These spots are also found on the torso and back of affected people. Fordyce spots on lips are small and may appear to be white or yellowish-white in color. In most cases these spots do not cause any pain or discomfort. These spots on lips are not infectious and do not affect health in a severe way.

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Causes of Fordyce spots on lips

It is studied that sebaceous gland causes occurrence of fordyce spots on lips. These glands often connect to hair follicle through which they secrete oil. These spots or lesions are named as Ectopic Sebaceous Glands. The term ‘ectopic’ is used to refer to abnormal position or location. ‘Sebaceous’ is anything greasy, fat based or adipose such as things related to oil. Sebaceous glands are small glands in the skin which are responsible for releasing oil to maintain moisture and avoid dryness. This means the ‘ectopic sebaceous gland’ means oil secreting glands which are not linked with hair follicle. This is why the sebum gets trapped and could not reach to the surface. This is why they appear as small bumps on the lips or also other regions of the skin.

The mechanism is more or less similar to that of pimples (acne) occurrence. Pimples also appear due to obstruction of sebaceous glands. Such blockage may also prevent bacterial invasion and skin infection. The microbial fauna on skin feeds on these oil secreting glands and may cause infection. Fordyce spot are symptomless and manifest in form of painless non-contagious granules. These are no serious medical condition but cosmetic concern.

Symptoms of Fordyce Spots on lips

Symptoms of this condition may slightly differ based on the region of occurrence. For example, these spots are more prominent when they appear on penile-shaft, appearing mostly as elevated bumps. The color of these bumps may appear as white or yellowish white. Less often, these spots may appear as red rashes. Though the condition can appear on any region of the body it is mostly found on the upper lips. There are no serious symptoms associated with the condition. But fordyce granules are easy to be detected just by looking in the mirror.  Some individuals will have more spots while others may have only a few. There may be several adjacent groups that may appear as cauliflower-like clusters similar to a condition called as ‘sebaceous hyperplasia’. In some cases thick chalky liquid may discharge from these spots when squeezed.


Fordyce spots do not require any intricate diagnosis. This condition is identifiable just by looking at the spots and the regions where they appear. You can visit a doctor, preferably a dermatologist, to confirm that the condition is Fordyce spots. In rare cases your doctor may suggest dermoscopy or dermatoscopy. A dermatoscope is used to evaluate your skin region. This test will help in determining the nature of occurring blisters. Though the condition is not difficult to diagnose through conventional techniques doctors suggest biopsy to ensure there is no underlying conditions behind these lesions. There are chances that fordyce spot like lesions may actually be infection cause due to other conditions such as Sexually transmitted diseases. If not ruled-out during diagnosis such infections may get transmitted to others. To avoid such incidences, tests are suggested to rule-out the cause.

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Treatment for Fordyce spots on lips

Fordyce spots on lips are often benign and do not cause complications. These are often left untreated once diagnosed. They tend to ebb away without any medical intervention over period of time. Some people feel conscious about these spots and their confidence may get affected as this is a cosmetic concern. Though there is no treatment needed to cure the condition one can opt for following techniques to speed up the healing process.

Tretinoin cream is often suggested for fordyce spots patients. This cream can be applied to your lips at least three times a day or as suggested by your doctor. You can apply the cream once in the morning, noon and before bed.

Cryosurgery is one of the latest treatment techniques suggested for fordyce spots on lips. In this technique the spots are exposed to extremely cold temperature. The method does not cause any pain. There are also vaporizing laser treatments that can be adopted for reducing these granules; another type of laser treatment is pulse dye laser.  TCA or Trichloroacetic Acid is one of the chemical peels which can be adopted for treating the condition. This treatment may be painful as it includes peeling of the affected skin.

You can supplement your treatment with home-care techniques. Under such circumstances it is extremely crucial to maintain dental hygiene. You can use garlic which is known to have healing properties. Garlic can kill bacteria as well as it can help in removing fordyce spots. You can also adopt other species with antimicrobial properties. Lemon juice is also useful in dealing with such blisters. If nothing helps then consult your doctor and seek medical aid to get rid of Fordyce spots on lips.

Fordyce spots on lips – pictures

fordcye spots on lips fordyce spots on lips pictures 2 fordyce spots on lips pictures

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