Flea Bites on Humans

Flea bites on human is a common occurrence especially in houses where pets dwell. In such houses, people often become victim of flea bites and getting rid of these insects is somewhat difficult. In most cases, flea bite does not need treatment. Identifying and treating flea bite are often easy; however, there are certain things that you should know. In serious cases, flea bites can lead to infection or some individuals may develop allergic reaction. These serious occurrences progress eventually. Bites by these insects often appear to be minute red circular dots or in some cases bumps. Scratching the affected area may aggravate the bitten region into redder and more painful bite.

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If a person scratches the bitten spot, he becomes slightly more prone to infection. It is recorded that infection generally occurs due to incessant scratching which is also the first concern when considering treatment. Chances of infection increase due to dwelling of excessive bacteria under the fingernails, which may directly enter the open region of the punctured spot. A simple prevention technique for infection is by avoiding scratching. You can also prevent flea bite by ensuring your house is free of these insects. Fleas usually dwell in carpets and other such low-areas. They often bite your ankle and legs because they can easily jump to half a meter. Nevertheless, they can also bite your arms, neck and other body regions.

Do Fleas Bites on Humans itch?

Yes, flea bites on human do itch but they are not a matter of concern unless aggravated to infection and allergic reaction. If a person does not experience any other sign or symptoms apart from itch, then the bite is mild and benign and may get cured on its own. Bites are not itchy because of the puncture itself but due to the saliva of the flea which gets injected into the body through the opened skin region. The bite may occur in group or cluster of bites surrounded by reddened region. This redness will last for few hours or even for several days depending on how your body reacts to the bite.


 Symptoms of allergic reaction caused due to Flea Bites 

Some individuals are more vulnerable to flea bites as compared to other. In worst cases, some allergic individuals react dangerously to flea bites and experience anaphylactic shock. Such occurrences are rare. There are other symptoms associated with the condition which include:

  • Difficult breathing
  • Drowsiness
  • Queasiness
  • Swollen tongue or lips
  • Pain in chest

Symptoms of infection caused due to flea bites on humans

Infection of flea bite may have following symptoms:

  • Swelling of gland
  • Redness
  • Pain in the punctured region

If anyone experiences these symptoms after being bitten by fleas, then immediate medial attention should be obtained. Keep the symptoms in mind as you should not confuse infection with allergic reaction. Allergic reaction is more serious then infection and may need emergency care. If the affected person seems to be serious then you may have to call an ambulance immediately.

First aid and Treatment for Flea Bites in Humans

First thing that you should do when bitten by a flea is to clean the punctured area. Use cool water and soap to sanitize the bitten spot; do not use scented soaps. It is better to go for antiseptic solutions. Treating flea bites in humans becomes difficult when it comes to ceasing itching. Hydrocortisone creams are available even over-the-counter which can help in ceasing constant urge of itching. You can also opt for Diphenhydramine which is available without prescription (this solution often makes you drowsy). Take a cool bath and use the mentioned remedies which will provide quick relief.

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Antihistamines are also suggested by doctors or pharmacists to control severe itching issue. In some cases you may also have to take oral antihistamine medications depending on the intensity of itching. Hydroxyzine medicine is a prescription drug which is suggested by the doctor in severe cases of itching.

Self-care for Flea Bites on Humans


It is said that washing the bite with tea such as green tea, black tea, lavender flower tea and comfrey tea can be helpful. You can also apply used tea-bags directly on the bitten spot.

Aloe Vera:

Applying Aloe Vera gel can be helpful. You can take aloe vera leaf and break it. Rub the gel present inside the leaf on the bitten area. If you do not have aloe vera plant, then you can buy bottled gel from the market.

Healing Plant leaves

Using plants such as calendula flowers or basil can be beneficial. You just need to crush the leaves or plant and apply directly on the bites. You can also apply two drops of basil oil to obtain relief.

Oatmeal bath

Oatmeal bath can also be made at home or its ingredients can be bought from grocery stores. Use tepid water for bathing which is important as hot water can dry your skin speed-up healing process.

In most cases of flea bites on humans even self-care is not needed, but it is a better practice to avoid aggravation of the condition. You should especially prevent scratching of the bitter region.

Fleas Bites on Humans – Pictures

flea pictures

flea bites on humans pictures flea bites humans photos flea bites on humans pictures 2

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