Chicken Pox Scars

Chicken pox is also technically known as varicella. This condition is a viral infection that leads to rashes on the body which may resemble like blisters or spots and are often itchy. Chicken pox is categorized as one of the most contagious diseases for those who have not been vaccinated against it. Before the routine vaccination for chicken pox was introduced, almost all people infected with the virus have had carried it to adulthood. Sometimes they also lived with serious complication of chicken pox. The rate of chicken pox cases has reduced dramatically over time especially after advent of chicken pox medicine. Chicken pox can be a mild disease for most individuals but it is still necessary to take vaccination before it gets transmitted. Vaccination of chicken pox is safe and effective.

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Symptoms of Chicken pox

Infection of chicken pox usually lasts for about 10 days. Occurrence of rashes is telltale symptoms of chicken pox. Some other indication of the condition includes:

  • Fever
  • Reduction in appetite
  • Headache
  • General illness and tiredness also called malaise

Once the condition has occurred it develops through three phases which also has different dermatologic manifestation:

  • Elevated pinkish or reddish bumps which may evoke over several days
  • Vesicles or fluid filled blisters results from the bumps a day before it breaks and leaks
  • Scabs and crusts which later covers the ruptured blisters and takes some more days to heal

These three phases of development of chicken pox is among the most common signs of the condition. The disease is a common medical anomaly which can leave behind hideous scars on the skin. In many situations these scars will go away on their own and quickly. There are several home remedies and medical treatments that can help you handle chicken pox scars. Some of such treatments are.

Professional cosmetic techniques for chicken pox scars


This is a non-surgical treatment which causes skin regeneration at the damaged area. Your doctor will eradicate scarred skin layer so that the healthy skin layer below it can be seen through.

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In this treatment that affected skin region will be exposed to laser light with the potential to break down pigmentation of the scar in the skin. This will also stimulate collagen growth in your lower skin layer and aid in removing scars that are deeply set in the skin.


In case of scars which do not cure through other treatment options excision is an ideal technique. In this treatment the affected skin region is surgically removed through incision. This may also leave behind mark, but this will be significantly less prominent.

Home remedies for chicken pox scars

Vitamin E oil

In most cases scars caused due to chicken pox cure away on its own in a year’s time. However, for people who like faster results Vitamin E oil can be one solution. Vitamin E oil helps in healing the skin by maintaining its hydration. Hydrated skin is said to heal faster and fade the scar. Vitamin E oil can be purchased without prescription.

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Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is considered as natural bleach or skin brightening agent that can reduce darkness of your skin and relief inflammation caused due to chicken pox scars. To use this technique you need to take lemon extract and apply it on the skin. You can also cut a piece of lemon and directly rub on your skin as well. In case if your skin is sensitive then you may experience irritation, in such a case you should dilute the juice to your tolerance level.


Honey is amongst the highly used Ayurvedic ingredients, particularly beneficial for dealing with scarring of the skin. You should gently rub honey on the affected skin area, particularly on the face. When you are applying this remedy ensure that you do not scratch any skin while rubbing.

Papaya and Honey

Combination of honey and papaya serves to be rich source of amino acid and can supply enzymes that are beneficial for the skin, especially to deal with scar tissues. You need to take a small piece of papaya make it into paste by mashing it with honey and no other substance, not even water. These ingredients can make your skin healthy and brighter naturally.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is another ayurvedic ingredient which has several uses. This will reduce redness, decrease intensity of the scar and treat dark spots. Using this medicine is easy as you just need to take a leaf and break it.  Squeeze the leaf to get fresh gel extracts from it. Apply this gel on your face and leave it for few minutes until dry.


Sandalwood is long used treatment for skin. To use this ingredient you need to prepare sandalwood paste by also adding honey and rosewater. This should be applied on the face similarly as a face-pack. Once the paste applied on your face is dried, wash it and wipe with clean dry towel.

Remember that these home remedies may take longer time to show effect but these are natural and side effect free. However for faster results consult your doctor and seek treatment.

Chicken Pox Scars Pictures

chicken pox scars pictures chicken pox scar pictures chicken pox scars

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